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Each branch is actively carry out the work among party members
In order to further promote the company Party cadres twinning assistance, the beginning of this year the company has mobilized the branch Party members to participate in the difficulties workers twinning activities, regularly or irregularly through home visits form, understand the pair work, life, and help them to solve the difficulties and problems, put up a "help caring bridge to take practical action to Party members caring for difficult worker".
In June 22nd, from Sheng Hong thermoelectric branch members to visit theprinting and dyeing factory three workers in difficulty to Peng Linzhong's house,and sent condolences to the families of employees for. Reportedly, this year is the first year the company members and the difficulties workers twinning assistance, since each branch from the work to carry out activities, received warmfeedback employees.
Twinning is companies play Party member service functions, an important platform into basic and firm position of the masses, is the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, an important part of the mass line of educational practice.Through the "among party members", fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, close contact and development, promote the company and staffmembers are connected, concept connected feelings, and actively create theharmonious atmosphere of Party construction.



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