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Shenghong Group awarded"Suzhou red flag Communist League"


In May 4th, came news of Suzhou municipal Party committee,Cheng Hong Group Co. Ltd. the Communist Youth Leaguethrough the material declaration, unified defense, review groupteam, won the "2013 Suzhou five four red flag Youth League"honorary title and accept the award.

In recent years, strongly support the correct leadership and the Communist Youth League, Cheng Hong Group in the superior league organization of Party and government bodies,closely around the central work of the enterprise, to serve theenterprises and service youth for the purpose, to innovate and develop the integrated construction, from four aspects of enterprise architecture, enterprise development, corporate culture and corporate welfare, led the league members youthefforts to forge ahead, the courage to striving for excellence,shaping the youth civilization, youth commando, young volunteers and a number of young brand construction, each work implementation, solid progress, effectively promoted thebuilding of grassroots organizations, active in the companyworks.

In the process of creation, Cheng Hong Group Committee and comprehensively promote the construction of grassroots organizations, ideas, methods and carriers actively and boldly innovative mission work, effectively enhance the cohesion,combat mission green work and influence, by the Suzhoumunicipal Party committee evaluation group of praise. In addition, since 2012 since its establishment in May, Cheng Hong Group Committee has received "Shengze Zhen Tuan Wupilot unit", "Wujiang District League building in non-public enterprises pilot unit" and other honors, and eventually won the "five four Suzhou city red flag Youth League" this award.



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