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Group members participate in the 2013-2014 annual party during the winter training of learning
In January 10th, all Party group gathered in the staff area television hall, watching carefully 2013-2014 annual party winter live tv.
The winter training focuses on studying and implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen party, reform and innovation for Chinese dream Wujiang chapter, closely around the focus of the current work, in order to highlight the situation and policy education, strengthen the rich skills training, enrich the spirit of practical activities, incentive and guide broad Party member to participate fully in the mass line of the party as a call for Party members and cadres, to play in accelerating the town completed a vanguard and exemplary role in the well - off society. Director of the District Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Supervision Bureau Zhou Jianxin and the district agricultural office director Ni Zhiqiang respectively related content for building construction of a clean and honest government and the town of speaker, group members to further understanding of the party since the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen Central Committee of the party and the Wujiang district on anti-corruption, improve the style of work and urban construction and other aspects of the situation, ideas, measures and achievements.
It is understood, at the beginning of each year, the Group actively organize party members to participate in training activities, to enhance the quality level of all Party members, so that they better serve the work team and the masses. Through this training, work ideas and requirements to all Party members the group more clearly under the new situation, they said they would put the future work and the spirit of the current study and implement the party's Third Plenary Session of the eighteen together, innovation, to make full 虹梦, China dream to make their due contribution.



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