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Our hope Gaoke Party branch was rated corporate non-public area model of Party Building
Recently, Jiangsu Guowang Gaoke fiber Limited company Party branch was named demonstration party building in non-public enterprises in Wujiang District, it is country's branch of the establishment of a year to get the first prize. Since the founding of China since last year, Wang branch to seriously implement the District Organization Department of Party Construction in non public enterprises, in accordance with the group party "company development of Party's construction, grasp the overall train of thought of Party building and promote development", and further to excel, constantly sum up experience, explores the law, conscientiously carry out the demonstration point to create work. Wujiang district Party Committee Organization Department fully affirmed the country at the branch has in the party building work achievement, especially in the build service type, the construction of learning type party organization, worked out with China at the branch characteristic of work experience, established the one-stop service center, the activity center position, played a vanguard and exemplary role of party the battle fort action and Party members, Party members and show a good image of the party organization's vitality, demonstrates the strong vitality of the party building work in enterprise development.



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