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Group Party committee held a mass line education practice mobilization meeting
In March 25th, Cheng Hong group Party committee held the party's mass line education practice mobilization meeting. The meeting stressed that all Party members should bear in mind that the purpose of the party and organizational discipline, strengthen the service function of grassroots party organizations, to promote enterprise production and management function, so that the mass line education into practice, give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party members.
As the second batch of education activities unit, group Party committee according to the party organizations at a higher level requirements, make the corresponding plan according to the actual situation of the enterprise, each branch to take small, amateur, dispersion, study and education activities.
"The Party branch and the difficulties workers twinning" is the group Party adhere to the mass line in the meaning of the title, combined with material assistance and spiritual care, group Party branch and the difficulties workers families in pairs, with normal visits and holiday salute combination to achieve multi-level, diversified assistance, promote the party members and cadres to raise awareness, set a good example; close to the actual, pay attention to actual effect, sum up experience, timely promotion.
Shenghong party will adhere to the party work combined with production practice, starting from the most direct, the most realistic, the masses are most concerned about the problem, have a genuine and sincere desire to serve the people, for the people's interests, and do practical things for the masses, do good.



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