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Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau deputy inspector Huang Zhizhen line to inspect the group
September 21st morning, the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office deputy inspector Huang Zhizhen, Suzhou Intellectual Property Office of the Secretary Zhang Biaoyi line came to Sheng Hong group, to visit the Museum of Hong Hong enterprise culture center and textile testing center. Group president assistant Gu Donghua and other leaders warmly received and accompanied by investigation.
In the corporate culture museum, Gu Donghua to Huang Zhizhen a line details the development of enterprises in recent years and the advantages of the industry, etc.. Then, Huang Zhizhen and his party came to Sheng Hong textile testing center laboratory. Huang Zhizhen is very interested in the enterprises to participate in the revision of international standard system, Gu Donghua made a detailed report: revision of Shenghong actively participate in international standards, take international standard artificial fiber (ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6) working group Convenor, international standard of dyeing textile and dye test committee (ISO/TC38/SC1) has become the international work of the Secretariat. The standard makers and publishers. At present, the enterprise has successfully led the development of the textile chemical fiber filament boiling water shrinkage test method, the international technical standards, to achieve the leading development of China's chemical fiber industry international standard zero breakthrough.
Finally, Huang Zhizhen's efforts and achievements in the field of intellectual property rights have been fully affirmed. He hoped that Sheng Hong can continue to work hard to maintain innovation, to further promote the industrialization of research and development achievements and intellectual property rights, and strive to build a model of intellectual property rights, Jiangsu, to contribute to the development of the economy.
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