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Sheng Hong Group for eight consecutive years ranked 500 in the country's enterprises, ranking 169th
In the afternoon of August 27th, by the China Enterprise Federation and China Entrepreneurs Association released "2016 China top 500 enterprises" list officially announced, Sheng Hong Group ranked 169. This is the group since first elected in 2009 for the eighth consecutive year on the list.
By 2015, under the background of the new economic norm, Sheng Hong Group firmly grasp the national supply side structural reforms, significant opportunities for development, based on the textile industry, petrochemical industry chain extension, promote enterprise innovation and development of ideas, optimize the industrial development path, to achieve a steady growth. Companies to accelerate the technology innovation, management innovation and business model innovation pace, with innovative thinking broaden the idea of enterprise development, actively adapt to the industry by size and mass to the trend of specialization and individuation development, improve enterprise intelligent manufacturing level, and take the initiative to end international brands of joint cooperation, the formation of the new trend of manufacturing and service integration and development. Next, Cheng Hong Group will continue to deepen the structural adjustment, promote the transformation and upgrading, to do a good job on the basis of printing and dyeing, chemical fiber industry, the steady development of the petrochemical industry in focus, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the period of 45.
The selected on the list, Sheng Hong Group since since 2009 for the eighth consecutive year on the list, ranking the first selected 493 bit soared to 169, an increase of 324, has made remarkable achievements. In addition, at the same time issued "Chinese manufacturing industry in 2016 500, Shenghong group again contrarian, ranked seventy-first.

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