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To promote the development of reform, Sheng Hong group once again nominated 500 private enterprises
August 25th morning, released by the National Federation of industry and Commerce in 2016 China's top 500 private enterprises list released, Sheng Hong Holdings Group Co., Ltd. ranked twenty-fifth in the list, ranking rose 4 in 2015 compared to.
Development for twenty-four years, Sheng Hong adhere to the real economy, through a foothold in the textile industry, the extension of the petrochemical industry chain development, out of the road of innovation and development of private enterprises. In 2015, the economic new normal, Shenghong Group continues to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and actively participate in the supply side structural reform, fusion "The Belt and Road", "2025 Chinese manufacturing strategy". In the innovation and development of traditional industries, enterprise automation and information in-depth integration of manufacturing industry, and gradually promote the manufacturing industry to the service transformation, form a new growth point of the enterprise, industry from the "made in China" to "wisdom made the change.
As the country's most authoritative private economy in the field of the list, the list of companies listed companies have become an important force to support and promote the steady development of the national economic and social development. Shenghong group again on the list "of private enterprises in China top 500" and among the best, not only of Companies in the past year development, but also increased the enterprise in the "new normal" contrarian and on the confidence and determination.

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