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Group 2014 year-end party and welcome new year party held a grand
The scientific development work together to create success and new chapter
Junye is history brilliant, powerful new chapter of goat hair. January 25 evening, Sheng Zexin salon hotel in thunderous applause, packed, held a grand Sheng Hong Group 2014 year-end summary of the general assembly and greet the New Year party. From the company of the plate, the leaders of each department, middle-level cadres, outstanding staff a total of more than 900 people, common inventory group company has achieved in the 2014 achievements and transformation and upgrading to meet difficulties, commend advanced, the deployment of the coming year!
The general assembly by the group vice president, chief financial officer Meng Fenghua. Group Chairman Miu Hangen, group vice chairman, general manager of the printing and dyeing Tang Jinkui, group vice president, real estate plate general manager Zhou Lei, Sheng rainbow shares executive vice general manager Zhang Yexing, thermoelectric plate, general manager of Hu Quanzhong, printing and dyeing, executive deputy general manager of Tang Junsong, Group CEO assistant,, director of the office of Dong Hua gu, group human resources department director Liu Yongjun and other leaders attended the summary of the general assembly.
First of all, the head of the plate have been the last year of the work carried out summary report. In 2014, Shenghong group all temper before the trip, the courage to struggle, with excellent product quality and first-class service to win the market, with the spirit of innovation and reform of courage to break the self and achievement Shenghong 2014 shiny development footprint. The plate summary report after, group in the past year for the company to make outstanding contributions to the advanced individual and advanced team representing the grand awards ceremony, and advanced individuals of a total of 15 and 18 advanced team received the award from each plate and departments.
Finally, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen made a concluding speech. He pointed out that although in the past year domestic textile experience and serious for a year, but Sheng Hong Group actively respond to the new situation, grasp the new opportunities, to reform and innovation as the driving force, in order to strengthen the management as the starting point, condensed all forces, meet the challenge, will be the work of the company pushed to a new height. Sure the fruits of development at the same time, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors also pointed out that development group there is a lack of effective communication between departments, wasted and management costs and other issues, to cause us to redouble their attention. Focus on the next year's work. He stressed that the world economy has entered the information economy, the wisdom of the economy as the main feature of the new normal, which is a rainbow, both opportunities and challenges. We should strengthen the fine designed to strengthen the main industry, innovation oriented, science and technology leading development strategy. Through the extension of industrial chain, play "pillar" of the effect of the petrochemical sector; to create a smart Shenghong, boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; to establish a culture of compliance, security group to run smoothly; seek practical effect, enhance corporate executive level and other ways to enhance the new creativity and competitiveness of enterprises, leading the healthy and stable development of enterprises.
Summary of the general assembly after, a name for "growth" sand show show Shenghong group for more than 20 years of development results, officially opened to welcome the New Year Party of the curtain. Subsequently, perch Xiang Shan Zhuang dance to the music of "happy song" let here all the people have come to realize that the goodness of life happiness; Pengxiang property brings the song dance the my heart only what you did with her "is more passionate; military tech of the bel canto songs" Festival song "will be filled Hongren hard construction vividly show; Sheng rainbow shares finale of the sitcom" Thanksgiving Shenghong with your presence, for laughter and moved with him... The forum is a versatile colleagues with brilliant show party heighten the atmosphere to a climax, participate in the each part of the draw is more surprises, good luck.

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