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The three phase of the fiber project in Guowang
To lead the industry to sophisticated transformation
In February 28th, at the three stage (Hong Kong) with an annual output of 300 thousand tons of differentiated functional fiber project in Pingwang town held a grand ceremony. Leadership of the district leadership Yi Bo Liang, Gao Fang Shen, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen, vice chairman Tang Jinkui etc. together for the project started foundation earthing up, after the project is put into production, will further expand Shenghong in differentiation in the field of functional fiber industry advantage.
The project laid the foundation stone for the country at three Hong Hong first set of unit project, the company plans to investment $2.98 billion, construction of polymerization device, a spinning device adopts international advanced technology, give full consideration to the to save energy and reduce consumption. The characteristics of good product quality, high technology content, additional value, can greatly improve the present situation of China's textile products single, is expected to officially put into operation by the end of 2016, 45 billion yuan annual sales revenue will increase after the operation, become the leading production capacity, large scale, function is complete, product range, strong research and development capabilities and innovative features of fiber raw production base.
To treat the at III all is put into production, the company will add 115 billion yuan of annual sales income, products related to high light, the extinction, cationic multi functional differential fiber, Sheng Hong chemical fibre industry overall production capacity will exceed 200 million tons. On the basis of the continuous expansion of the scale of production capacity, Cheng Hong aimed at the commanding heights of chemical fiber industry, leading the industry to the high added value, height not transformation rate, become a leader in the domestic chemical fiber industry differences of field.

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