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Sheng Hong participated in four consecutive years and trend named "Chinese fiber"
On the afternoon of March 18, 2015, to innovation and integration "as the theme of Shenghong -- China fiber trends in 2015 / 16 conference was held in Shanghai, this is Shenghong for four consecutive years naming fiber trends important publishing activities. The conference, Cheng Hong together well-known "Golden Award" designer Wu Xuekai. With vivid runway fashion show rainbow fiber products, the real charm of Sheng, build Sheng Hong fiber value.
With China's economy and the development of China's chemical industry into the bottleneck of the development of the growth rate reduction, the special period of transformation and upgrading, China's textile industry trends released a deeper meaning. The Shenghong -- China fiber trends in 2015 / 16 Conference opened the new ideas, began a new starting point, to industry to create brand has played a positive role in promoting.
2014, China's textile industry has experienced a very grim year, but the promotion of China's textile industry trends, for the domestic textile enterprises to provide a platform for the exchange. Chairman Miu Hangen said that the conference in-depth study of international and domestic trends, the design and innovation to implement, for the chemical fiber industry into the brand elements, and actively establish and create a brand of industry to create the atmosphere. Hong Sheng, fortunately for four consecutive years deeply involved in and naming fiber trends publishing activities is Shenghong seeks the development, change the idea of an opportunity. From product to brand, wait for customers from home to take the initiative to provide customers with information. This is Sheng Hong product marketing and brand promotion, but also made a good effect.
In the face of the new norm of chemical fiber industry, Cheng Hong will to market oriented, through the refinement of the innovation, brand, benefit and the transformation of development pattern, provide more differentiated products, to meet the individual needs of different customers. At the same time, relying on the national identified enterprise technology center, Jiangsu Province Institute of textile materials (Hong Sheng) and enterprise doctor mobile workstation first-class development platform and professional R & D team, Shenghong will become a construction of internationalization and branding in green technology fiber enterprises, to "tree for the industry to establish the first brand, to create the world first-class enterprises" target solid forward.

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