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Japan Takachiho University delegation visited Hong Sheng
On the morning of March 23, the Japanese Takachiho university study group in accompanied by the president of the Central University of Finance and business school Wang Ruihua visited Cheng Hong group, of Shenghong was a full range of understanding, the Group CEO Assistant Dong Hua gu, deputy secretary of the Party committee Gao Sujian enthusiasm reception the delegation.
At the forum, the two sides on the business management of the Sino Japanese comparative research topic in-depth discussion and exchange. Dong Hua gu, first of all, the research team's arrival expressed warm welcome, he introduced to, more than twenty years, Cheng Hong adhering to the "fine designed specifically for to strengthen the industry, innovation, science and technology leading" development strategy, comprehensively promote the innovation of science and technology, management mode, form own unique innovation advantage. Delegation to the development and innovation of Sheng Hong gave a high degree of certainty, and expressed the hope that the Hong Hong in the future with more development and cooperation.

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