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Jiangsu province governor Li Xueyong research Sheng Hong petrochemical
Into the "The Belt and Road" to speed up the rise of industry
April 27th, Li Xueyong, governor of Jiangsu province to the Hong Hong petrochemical research to guide the production and construction work. Lianyungang party secretary Yang Province, mayor Zhao Xiaojiang and other city leaders accompanied by research. Sheng Hong Group Chairman Miu Hangen, Zheng Guodong, general manager of the petrochemical sector, such as the leadership of the company and the company to report the investigation and report Sheng Hong petrochemical production and construction.
Li Xueyong first visited the Hong Hong Petrochemical liquid chemical terminal. In liquid chemical terminal, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors and the company leadership arrival Xueyong, said a warm welcome, and accompanied by Li Xueyong liquid chemical terminal production site visit. At the production site of the wharf, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors to Xueyong are introduced in detail Shenghong petrochemical industrial park overall planning and production and construction situation, focus on the scale and operation status of the liquid chemical terminal, and Sheng Hong refinery and petrochemical integration projects a brief report.
Li Xueyong of Petrochemical Industrial Park production and construction achievements give full affirmation. At the same time, he stressed that liquid chemical wharf is a special industry, we should focus on grasping the intelligent, modern, professional management, realize safe operation. He also pointed out that Lianyungang as a national plan to determine the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor East starting point and "The Belt and Road intersection symbols of the city, since this year, the economy maintained good momentum, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, deepening the reform in an orderly way, especially strong" The Belt and Road "significant opportunities to implement the national strategy requirements, take positive and effective measures, to achieve a good start development. Xu Wei is an important open platform to promote the demonstration area of West and East The Belt and Road construction, Sheng Hong Petrochemical liquid chemical terminal operation is the first production of Xu Wei District, made outstanding contributions to the construction of the platform. He hopes to further focus on "Shenghong petrochemical The Belt and Road" construction opportunities, the implementation of the national strategy, and actively integrate into the "The Belt and Road" construction, accelerate the rise of industry, the formation of Petrochemical Industrial Park agglomeration scale. Provincial and municipal governments to vigorously support Shenghong refinery integration project construction, in accordance with requirements of the high standards of planning, construction on a high level, high quality operations, accelerate the preparatory work, and strive for an early approved to start construction as soon as possible.
The chairman of the board of directors of the Miao Hangen says in the guidance of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and the city, district leaders at all levels and the concern and support, Sheng Hong Petrochemical must not mission, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, for the regional economic development to make greater contributions.

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