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Luo Zhijun, Secretary of the provincial Party Secretary research
Seize the national strategic plan to seek new opportunities for regional development
In May 6th, Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun, governor Li Xueyong, Lianyungang province party secretary Yang Shiyi for hundreds of provincial and municipal Belt and Road Initiative "came to the meeting on behalf of Sheng construction production rainbow Petrochemical Research enterprise. Sheng Hong Group Chairman Miu Hangen, Zheng Guodong, general manager of the petrochemical sector, such as the company's leadership, accompanied by research.
The delegation has visited the construction site of Hong Sheng petrochemical production liquid chemical wharf, Honggang petrochemical, sailboat petrochemical project. In Honggang petrochemical production site, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors of the arrival of the delegation expressed a warm welcome, and then accompanied the delegation visited the Honggang Petrochemical central control room. In the control room, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors to the delegation reported production and construction of group operations and Hongsheng petrochemical projects, Cheng Hong Group in 2010 in Xu Wei District Investment Construction Sheng Hong Petrochemical Industrial Park have been completed and is currently 1.5 million tons / year PTA project and liquid chemical storage terminal project and supporting the thermoelectric project, methanol polygeneration project by the end of 2015 completed and further report on the Shenghong quantifiable integration projects of the detailed planning of the construction content.
The delegation fully affirmed, on the construction and development of Shenghong petrochemical Luo Zhijun pointed out that Xu Wei District is the leading country in East and west regions of China Cooperation Demonstration Zone, is the provincial government to promote the development of regional and national support for Jiangsu coastal development in East and west regions of China and cooperation "The Belt and Road" building a national strategy superposition under Sheng Hong, Sinopec to actively seize the opportunity to rely on national strategy superposition, Xu Wei district policy advantage, regional advantages and industrial advantages, and actively participate in the construction of Lianyungang petrochemical industry base. At the same time, Luo Zhijun stressed Shenghong Petrochemical to further improve the infrastructure construction, rising to the overall advantages of the enterprise, grasp the industrial source of the initiative, so that the core competitiveness of enterprises has been reborn.

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