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The twenty-three anniversary of the group held a grand ceremony
The hardships of growth to create brilliant spectrum
Twenty-three years of trials and hardships, brilliant cast of twenty-three years. On the afternoon of May 22, Sheng Hong group the 23rd anniversary celebration was held on a perch Xiang Shan Zhuang, the meeting summed up the Shenghong group in the past 23 years of entrepreneurial, the group under the "new normal" Pro new development and the new requirements effective study and layout.
Group Chairman Miu Hangen, vice chairman Tang Jinkui, from the company's top, middle, grassroots management representatives, representatives of the advanced staff, college students on behalf of a total of more than 80 people attended the ceremony.
Celebration meeting by the group vice president, chief financial officer Meng Fenghua presided over the simple and solemn opening, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen delivered an important speech. In his speech, Miao Hangen simple review group 23 years business history, he pointed out that since 1992, Sheng Hong group development of ten years, experience from printing and dyeing chemical fiber, to petrochemical industry to build, Cheng Hong group followed the pace of the times, into the trend of the times, bearing the the glory and the dream of entrepreneurial again and again, with action to put into practice the scientific development of an enterprise in the twenty third year of create extraordinary Shenghong. However, to the economy of the information and intelligence representative of the "new normal" is also constantly changing pattern of enterprise development, enterprises must continue to rely on these new elements, information, knowledge and technology, rely on innovation to gain comparative advantage and core competitiveness to obtain profits, with a further increase in the degree of complexity of management group, the "big enterprise disease", "Office of unhealthy culture" phenomenon still exists. For is the "second pioneering" Cheng Hong group, Miao Hangen stressed that enterprises to actively adjust the structure optimal allocation to construct effective economic mode of operation and management mode, but also to improve the mechanism, to build the company's risk prevention and control system, promote the company management ideas of arranging and solve all kinds of problems.
For a period of development, Miao Hangen hope first continue to steadily on the basis of printing and dyeing, chemical fiber industry, scientific planning, rational layout, with the development of petrochemical projects set up foundation of market demand, talent and technology base, storage and transportation and supporting utilities foundation, cooperate with the national macroeconomic policy, and gradually make the industry upstream development, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Secondly, he wanted to create a Sheng Hong enterprise system, establish "company and I with growth, enterprise and I is the value of the cultural philosophy, let every employee a correct understanding of the relationship between the interests of enterprises and individual, establish a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, to strengthen the implementation of force level, the attitude to the business owner to join their undertakings and work to, to achieve the dream of a hundred years enterprise build the. In addition, Miao Hangen respectively on the construction of enterprise culture and the enterprise social responsibility on its own.
Before the start of the meeting, the group also organized some of the staff representatives visited the corporate culture museum, the new fabric shop and the country looked at the top of the house, feel the development of enterprises twenty-three years. In addition, employees are still on behalf of the group of collected a number of rationalization proposals, some rational suggestions for a good fit the enterprises existing problems and needs of employees, the group hopes to through this way encourage employees to participate in the planning of enterprise, give advice and suggestions for the development of enterprise.
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