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Suzhou Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of Chen Zhenyi research Sheng Hong shares
June 10, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Suzhou Zhen An, Wujiang District Fang Shen to Shenghong shares research, group vice chairman Tang Jinkui, President of assistant Dong Hua gu companies such as leadership, accompanied by research. In Sheng Hong technology false twist two, Chen Zhenyi detailed understanding of the development of enterprises and industrial characteristics since the beginning of this year. Tang Jinkui detailed report on the enterprise innovation management, the expression of the enterprise to further promote the application of intelligent, to guide the company's strategic transformation breakthrough. Zhen An in recent years to the enterprises to continue innovation and development has made achievements expressed full recognition, he said Shenghong to change the enterprise of research type, intelligent type, benefit type to the industry brought new ideas, Sheng Hong to firm high-tech enterprises advantage, enhance the core competitiveness of traditional industries, in the adjustment of industrial structure, continue to do fine, and stronger, do good, and gradually promote the industrial and emerging technologies, the benign mutual promotion, close to the "made in China 2025 strategic direction.
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