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The SCO delegation visit Shenghong group
On the morning of July 24, the SCO delegation, led by the National Development Bank Suzhou branch line more than 40 people in Suzhou Branch under the leadership of the CDB accompanied to Shenghong group tours. Group president assistant Gu Donghua and other company leaders to visit the tour.
Delegation has visited the country look CP3 production workshop, printing and dyeing four factory and corporate culture. In the process of visiting, foreign guests of the workshop products and advanced production equipment produced strong interest they stop, they watched the workshop intelligent operation process, and with the staff to accompany the process equipment and intelligent upgrade product performance and so on were in-depth exchanges and discussions. The SCO delegation line for Hong Sheng in the smart of manufacturing transformation and upgrading the results gave a high evaluation. They said Sheng Hong Group clean and standardize the workshop environment, experimental facilities, advanced and unique creativity and the cohesive force of the enterprise culture construction they left a profound impression, they hope that under the international background of "along the way" development with Sheng Hong Group for further communication and cooperation, to provide more development opportunities for each other.

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