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Contrarian benchmarking Shenghong selected for seven consecutive years China top 500 enterprises ranked 182, compared with last year rose 48
On August 22, by the China Enterprise Confederation, sponsored by the Chinese entrepreneur association "2015 China top 500 enterprises forum" on August 22 in Nanning, Guangxi held, the forum issued a "China top 500 enterprises" and its analysis of the report, the world's top 500, the senior leaders of the China's top 500 enterprises, famous experts and scholars, mainstream media representatives from nearly 1000 people attended the meeting. Sheng Hong Group since 2009 for seven consecutive years, China's top 500 enterprises".
The forum theme of "The Belt and Road: large enterprises with new opportunities and new development, in order to share the experience as" excellent enterprise reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises Chinese. China enterprise 500 strong list selection is based on enterprise's financial statements as the basis, through to sales income, net profit, total assets, research and development expenses, tax amount and merger and reorganization of enterprises and independent intellectual property rights, other index of comprehensive evaluation. Sheng Hong to 73 billion 800 million yuan of sales performance, ranking 182nd in 2015 list, compared with last year's 230th place rose 48 ranking; ranked eighty-first in China's manufacturing industry 500.
500 China enterprise 2015 strong analysis report pointed out, under the new normal, large enterprises have a sense of common heart, manufacturing enterprises to make use of China's manufacturing 2025 and other strategic opportunities to enhance market competitiveness". May 2015, the State Council issued "China's manufacturing 2025" strategic planning, clear to the implementation of the national manufacturing industry innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and other key projects, I hope through "three steps walk" to achieve the goal of China's manufacturing powerhouse. Facing the manufacturing industry revitalization of the opportunity, Cheng Hong Group in early 2011 will take various measures, the depth of promoting intelligent workshop construction, comprehensively promote the company management intelligent, meticulous, production process automation, intelligent production workshop, from the demographic dividend turned to the use of the people only bonus. Company to undertake the State Ministry "2013 key industry promotion and technical transformation project", fiber direct spinning production line in the intelligent processing system for the production of polyester filament, chemical fiber industry machine substitution "strategy implementation, the enterprise advanced process and equipment technology, modern management technology and information technology, combined, realize the optimization of the enterprise operation, optimal control, and optimal management; Cheng Hong dyeing to break the traditional printing and dyeing operation mode, ERP system management mode, in the workshop took the lead in the implementation of" printing and dyeing processing intelligent management system ", in the printing and dyeing industry to establish" benchmarking ".
Sheng Hong Group in intelligent manufacturing exploration of power has been emerging, and the downturn in the traditional textile industry environment, Sheng Hong has maintained a bucked the trend. Sheng Sheng Petrochemical upstream of the next step, in addition to continue to consolidate in the chemical fiber and dyeing industry leading position, Sheng Hong main goal will be placed in the industrial chain "trace", directly into the textile and chemical fiber industry, the group in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of transformation and upgrading of an important strategy, make the enterprise core competitiveness has been a reborn style, leading enterprises from China "Rainbow" to "the world of the rainbow". In addition, Sheng Hong, also will make great efforts to cultivate the enterprise brand, to give the brand new connotation to brand driven consumer trends, from the "Chinese products" to "China brand", makes the enterprise brand burst out of greater vitality.

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