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Wuhan Textile University into a rainbow to promote cooperation and win-win cooperation
On the morning of August 20, Yi Liang Wei, President of Wuhan University of textile to Shenghong strengthening research of special research, leading enthusiasm Shengze Town organized the personnel director A-Li sun, group vice chairman Tang Jinkui and received a delegation line.
At the forum, Tang Jinkui to the delegation of the Hong Sheng in recent years the development of, he said, as a large textile enterprises, Sheng Hong group through continuous research and innovation and cultivation of professional and technical personnel and the introduction and injected fresh vitality into the development of enterprises. The company hopes the two sides can carry out long-term cooperation, to help enterprises to absorb and reserve high-end technical personnel. Next in the communication process, the two sides around R & D technology, collaborative innovation, personnel training and other aspects of the in-depth discussions, and a good Wei said that as the leader of the textile industry, Cheng Hong has a rich resource of innovation more than their peers, the school hopes that students can enter the enterprise, Hong Sheng in such a large professional textile production base completed transition from books to the practice, and ultimately the formation of school enterprise cooperation and win-win situation.

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