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Creativity and brand meet the most in fashion stage Sheng Hong Group unveiled the seventeenth Jiangsu international clothing festival
September 11th to 13, a period of seventeenth days of the three Jiangsu international clothing festival held in Nanjing International Expo center. Around the "innovation driven, endogenous power, green development" as the theme, fashion festival in the clothing, textile and fabric fair, 2015 the creative fashion week in Jiangsu Province and a series of activities related to the three highlights at the same time, to promote the industry specialization brand building, leading the fashion trend, boost technological innovation provides a bridge between the. Sheng Hong group, the two core plates - chemical fiber, dyeing and printing to participate in the festival, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers.
As a highlight of the Fashion Festival this year, the 17th session of the China Jiangsu International Fashion - Home Textiles - fabrics fair to highlight the brand to show, 1200 booth attracted inside and outside the province more than 400 brands of exhibitors. In the regional brand display, Sheng Hong and other well-known enterprises in the industry have brought a new product with the idea of creative design. By Sheng Hong printing and dyeing, Sheng Hong shares two core plates together to create a rainbow Pavilion, focusing on the exhibition of new fiber and raw materials, functional textile fabrics, new type of printing and dyeing fabrics and other obvious advantages of competitive products. This year, green, environmental protection, ecology is still mainstream fashion festival to convey, Sheng Hong launched with moisture absorption and sweat, breathable waterproof properties of functional fabric good interpretation of the product development of the concept of low-carbon economy, green economy. Dyeing and printing plates is focused on personalized flower type of high performance digital printing fabric promotion, both aesthetics and technology ability are deeply to recognition of clients on exhibition.
Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance the total factor productivity and sustainable development capabilities, industry to the middle and high end, brand awareness is an important symbol. In recent years, Cheng Hong group not only on the basis of the enterprise technology innovation, relying on industry chain up the value chain, focus on building brand awareness, with fiber trends, International Fashion Festival and other industries well-known activities, released the latest R & D results of enterprises. Through a variety of product release channels, Sheng Hong on the one hand to grasp the latest trends in the industry's most advanced fashion, on the other hand, to enhance the rich experience of their own brand building has laid a solid technical foundation.
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