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Build textile talent Heights achievement industry Whampoa Military Academy
In order to deepen the implementation of the "construction of textile powerhouse outline (2011-2020)" strategic task, explore the new economic norm and "Internet plus" era of talent development mode, promote the textile industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. On October 30, from national textile industry leading experts, business representatives gathered in Ningbo, in 2015 China Textile personnel work of the General Assembly ", and jointly explore under the new situation of the construction of the textile industry, the talent new ideas, new mode, new methods. The general assembly, Sheng Hong group was named the 2015 national textile industry talent construction advanced units, 2015 national textile industry learning enterprises".
Chinese textile talent work conference has Chinese Textile Industry Association sponsored conference on the theme of "innovation driven" -- the new normal Internet plus "Textile: opportunities and challenges", actively promote the "Internet plus", "intelligent manufacturing" and other strategic emerging industries in the textile industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In two days of the agenda of the meeting, the General Assembly invited zhongfanglian leaders, industry experts on the "Internet plus" and "2025 Chinese manufacturing strategy" under the background of the development of the textile industry, policy environment, human resources demand is discussed. From domestic well-known textile enterprises, experts and institutions on behalf of "Internet plus" era of talent strategy and transformation, innovation mechanism, and how to seize the great opportunities for development in the new business model, innovation management mode to promote the development of enterprises and other issues in AC analysis.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the textile industry transition upgrade pressure increasing today, the enhancement enterprise innovation ability, talent is the decisive factor, is an important force to promote the development of enterprises, Congress also made outstanding contributions in the construction of the textile industry, the talents of advanced units and individuals in the recognition. With the efforts in the work of talent construction, Sheng Hong Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was named the 2015 national textile industry talent construction advanced units and 2015 national textile industry learning oriented enterprises".
Talent development is a long-term basic project, since its inception in 1992, Sheng Hong Group has always been adhering to the "eclectic selection, with people because only use, others emotion and benefit, education Decai double Xin talent concept, pay attention to the construction of talent team and strived to build a platform for growth and development for every employee, provide space to display their talent. Over the years, combination of enterprises to implement the introduction and training of talent strategy, pay attention to scientific research and talent culture, establish research base and research and innovation platform, increase the intensity of existing professional talent training, training of professional and technical personnel, make good use of the existing technical backbone personnel, creating highly skilled staff, strengthen the enterprise talented person troop.
The development of the textile industry to today, is not only the size of the company's competition, it is the competition of scientific and technological talents. Sheng Hong group through the establishment of a modern system of company personnel and try our best to build the company into a learning type enterprise, boost the textile industry from the "demographic dividend" to "talent dividend" era forward steadily, to create the textile industry "Whampoa Military Academy."

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