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Suzhou municipal Party Committee Organization minister Lu Xin inspected the work of Party building in the country
On November 3, Minister of the Organization Department of the Suzhou Municipal Committee, Lu Xin line in the district Party committee secretary Yi Bo Liang and other district leaders, accompanied by, came to the country hope Tech Research of non-public enterprise party to build the job. In the investigation, Lu Xin is fully affirmed that Sheng Hong Group in the enterprise development to strengthen party building, to promote the harmonious development of enterprises achieved results and characteristics, and on the next stage of work put forward the guiding opinions. Group party secretary, chairman Miu Hangen and other warm reception of the visiting leaders.
The research group visited the country's high tech production workshop and party service center. In the course of the investigation, the new army to the land of the new details of the development of enterprises and enterprises to promote the development of the situation. He said that in recent years, the hope tech Party branch under the leadership of the Party committee of a higher level, closely around the production and business operation center, in-depth implementation of the "integration to promote the work of law", the depth of the integration of the party's work and the development of the enterprise, effectively play the role of Party organizations in promoting enterprise development, services to the masses, the cohesion of the people, promote harmony etc., forming a unique "three combination" party building development model: namely combined with Party branch of administration and market operation mechanism, Party members vanguard role and enterprise innovation combination, Party building and the building of enterprise culture integration etc. way, to promote enterprise development. In the cultural construction workers, the hope Gaoke rely on Party construction achievements, formed with Shenghong characteristics of "colorful" worker cultural concept and brand, respectively, meaning Group employees to build safety culture, learning, style, public welfare, democracy, team, Thanksgiving in seven aspects.
Lu Xin, said Sheng Hong Group in the enterprise development, to further promote the work of Party building in non-public enterprises, and closely combined with the production and business activities of enterprises, do close to the enterprise, close to the workers, close to the production management, around the enterprise's production and management to carry out activities, give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party members; give full play to the party organization in the unity and cohesion of the masses of workers in the role; continuously enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the enterprise.
Thank the new minister of land line of Shenghong group Party care and guidance Miu Hangen, the next stage, Sheng Hong will be in under the leadership of the Suzhou municipal Party committee and the Wujiang District Organization Department, further strengthen the enterprise party builds the job, let the party organization in enterprise produce more powerful vitality.

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