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Group and the group of professors of Donghua University, a line of technical innovation cooperation and exchanges
November 6 in the afternoon, the Donghua University Materials Institute executive vice president Wang Huaping, led by Professor group a line to Sheng Hong group, enterprises and institutions of higher learning to carry out technology innovation cooperation conducted in-depth exchanges, group chairman Miu Hangen, Sheng Hong shares executive vice president Zhang Ye Xing, company leaders to participate in the meeting.
Meeting, the two sides chemical fiber industry research and development direction of innovation, R & D system construction and enterprise development strategy for in-depth study, Miao Hangen said that in the global economy is fatigued and weak, the group must accurately recognize their strengths and development pressure, fully understand the fiber technology development trend and make the correct strategy of innovation, in the new normal out of a exclusively belong to the Sheng Hong Road. At the end of the meeting, the two sides put forward reasonable proposals on innovative research and development joint platform, hope that enterprises can accelerate the integration of the two, to further enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing.
Professors have said that Shenghong group with Donghua University cooperate with each other to carry out the combination of production, teaching and research, can play to their respective advantages, the formation of strong research, development, production and integration of advanced system and comprehensive advantages reflected in the running process, strengthen the domestic textile industry under the new economic norm transformation and upgrading of power.

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