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Sheng Hong won the Suzhou Charity Award "the most caring donation enterprise" title
On the afternoon of December 3, Suzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government is the Great Hall of the people in the City Convention Center held the second session of the "Suzhou Charity Award" ceremony, the General Assembly on the development of the city's charity make outstanding contributions to the caring enterprises and individuals, love and social organizations in recognition of, Sheng Hong Group Holdings Co., Ltd. won the "most caring donation enterprise" title.
The selection range includes the period from 2012 to 2014, active participation and support of Suzhou City Charity all kinds of enterprises (thing) business unit, civil society organizations and people from all walks of life, with widespread social impact of brand charity projects, has long been engaged in charity work and made prominent achievements of professional charity worker. In recent years, Sheng Hong group to spare no effort in philanthropy, except each year to the district charity fund will donate 5 million, many times to join Suzhou City blood center to carry out blood donation activities, take practical action to repay society, actively participate in charity not only to enhance worker individual value concept for the enterprise set a good social image, for enterprise sustained and healthy development laid a good foundation. Due to outstanding contributions in the charitable cause, Sheng Hong Group in recent years has been named the "outstanding contribution to the Chinese Charity Award", "Jiangsu province Charity Award" and other awards.

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