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Innovative technology to lead the industry trend group won the national science and technology progress award two
On August 1, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council held in Beijing's Great Hall of the people in the year 2015 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, by Sheng Hong Group Holdings Limited and the Beijing Institute of clothing technology, Jiangsu Zhonglu Technology Development Co., Ltd. joint declaration completed the PTT and in situ functionalized pet polymerization and composite fiber preparation key technology and industrialization "project won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress.
Development of 23 years, Sheng Hong group stands out in the market with innovative thinking, dare to break with conventions, dare to take risks, form the unique enterprise culture of technological innovation, leading the development of the textile industry of pillar enterprises. In the current scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution, Cheng Hong in based on their own on the basis of the innovation, market oriented, improve enterprise innovation pertinence and effectiveness, promote the commercialization and industrialization of new products, new technology, become the main body of innovation achievements and applications. The "PTT and in situ functional PET polymerization and its composite fiber preparation of key technologies and industrialization" is the group for many years, Sheng Hong group is committed to independent innovation, and vigorously promote the important achievements of science and technology innovation project.
Project supported by the national science and technology support program "high comfort series polyester fiber preparation and application technology" project, through long-term investment in research and development, through PTT and modified PTT polymerization, by-product processing and recycling technology, the formation of independent intellectual property rights; capture of PET in situ polymerization in moisture, anti-static, anti ultraviolet and prevention of multifunctional pet in one of the key technology perspective; develop new polyester PTT/MFPET composite spinning core technology, preparation of composite functional polyester fiber is a new generation series, to achieve high-quality fabrics from the source to the slice localization of terminal products, improve our competitiveness in the international market of synthetic fiber fabric and added value, meet demand for high-grade fabric consumption model, solve the contradiction between supply and demand, brought a new economic growth point for enterprises. Overall project technical and product quality indicators to reach the international advanced level.
The implementation of the project, has built China's first continuous polymerization production line, 25 million tons / year of multifunctional full dull polyester polymerization and melt direct spinning production line with independent intellectual property rights of 3 million tons / year of PTT, and 5 million tons / year MDPTT/MEPET elasticity controllable series production line of the multi functional polyester fiber. Project has been authorized by the United States patent 3, China's invention patents 16, 8 practical new patents; the drafting of international standards 4, 1 national and industry standards, corporate standards 6. At present, production MDPTT, MEPET and composite fiber yield and market possession rate ranks first in China, the differential rate of polyester fiber has more than 80%, to create its own brand, currently has a "memory", "fidelity Lun" eight brands. Total new sales revenue of nearly 10 billion yuan, profit of 800 million yuan, the products exported to Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, get the foreign customers.
Project the success of research and development and industrialization, and promote the new polyester polymerization, traditional polyester composite functional) and a series of multifunctional fiber manufacturing technology progress and product upgrade replacement, upstream promotes the polyester raw materials such as the research and development of PDO and functional modifier downstream led to the development and application of high-end functional textiles, thereby promoting the technological progress of the polyester fiber industry chain and related fields.

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