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Secretary of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Liu Dawang visited the country to look at the survey research
On the morning of March 3, Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau Director Liu Dawang delegations to visit China at tech, enterprise quality work propulsion research, group vice chairman Tang Jinkui, Sheng Hong shares executive vice president Zhang Ye Xing, accompanied by.
In the research process, Tang Jinkui to Liu Dawang, details of the companies in the standard of system and construction of quality management system, efforts, he said, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the company strengthen enterprise standardization system construction, the implementation of performance excellence in the enterprise internal management mode, to speed up the standard system of landing and integration, companies are currently running a quality management system, environmental management system, energy management system, two of the fusion system management system, all of the files are in accordance with the standard of management system integration, the system become an organic whole, greatly enhance the efficiency of management of the company. Company to the technical standards as the core, to the management standards, work standards based, forming a standardized file structure, and according to the Department of the implementation of classification management, has a total of all kinds of standard more than 1200 items, and Jiangsu Province Quality Management Award for excellence in 2014 and 2015 for two consecutive years.
Liu Dawang fully affirmed the country at tech made in quality management achievements, also hope that the country at tech can continue to deepen the study, and actively explore, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in promoting quality management and standardization of the system construction.

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