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Sheng Hong group once again received the Suzhou municipal honor
Recently, Suzhou Private Economy Transformation upgrading and development of the general assembly of the conference center in Suzhou city held a grand, meeting the requirements of the city to boost confidence, coagulation, consensus, relying on the new normal, explore new ideas, promote the private economy in Suzhou city to achieve a new round of transformation and upgrading. Conference of Suzhou City 2014-2015 emerged of advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of Shenghong Group Holdings Co., Ltd won the "Suzhou city outstanding private enterprises," the title, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen was awarded the "Suzhou city outstanding private entrepreneurs".
In the past in 2015, Sheng Hong group, led by Chairman Miu Hangen, the initiative to adapt to the new economic norm, to carry forward the spirit of hard work, adhere to the development of industry, strengthen innovation driven, the enterprise into a virtuous cycle. Group of chemical fiber industry in expanding the basis of differential fiber production capacity, through the construction of intelligent management of polyester filament production line, to enhance the product quality and production efficiency and management level, to create a "smart factory" mode of chemical fiber industry; Cheng Hong dyeing on the basis of the existing production scale of the stable, invested heavily on sewage treatment and reclaimed water back with facilities to transform and upgrade, finish setting machine flue gas purification recovery project, to create a printing and dyeing industry waste gas treatment advanced mode.
Company also released implementation first international standard in chemical fiber industry, domestic chemical fiber industry international standard setting zero breakthrough, in cooperation with the Beijing Institute of clothing technology to declare the project won the "National Science and technology progress award second prize". In September announced the top 500 Chinese enterprises ranked in, Cheng Hong again contrarian, ranked No. 182.

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