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China ASEAN Youth Entrepreneur China theme day activities on behalf of visitors to visit Sheng Hong petrochemical
On the afternoon of March 30, the Secretary of the CYL Central Committee, the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association President Wang Hongyan, group Party Secretary million Wen Hua, led by Lianyungang Municipal Party committee secretary Yang Shengshi and other leaders, participated in jointly organized by the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association and Lianyungang Municipal Government China - ASEAN Youth Entrepreneur China theme study on economic and trade activities of youth representatives a line of more than 50 people, to Sheng Hong petrochemical and visits to the development of major projects. Sheng Hong Group Chairman Miu Hangen reports on the situation of enterprise development, petrochemical kuotung Cheng, general manager of the plate, petrochemical Sierbang general manager Bai Wei, company leaders, accompanied by inspection.
Came to the center for petrochemical Sierbang control room, the delegation was in the control room of the building scale and high-tech configuration are attracted and nodded praised. In the control room, Miao Hangen, chairman of the board of directors from the group's development history, petrochemical industry construction and is preparing for the construction of refinery and petrochemical integration projects and other aspects to the delegation do detailed introduction. A detailed understanding of the situation of our company, mentioned in the Secretary Wang Hongyan have the confidence to do business, Miao Hangen said that governments at all levels and departments of the strong support and concern, we will actively seize the important strategic opportunities, with the country, especially the country "The Belt and Road" development strategy, we have full confidence to a enterprise strong, make our due contribution to promoting regional economic development.

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