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Jiangsu Province, the international organization for Standardization in Hong Sheng to standardized work
To further promote the Jiangsu Province international standardization work to carry out effective. On the afternoon of May 19, Jiangsu Province Department of international organization for Standardization Technical Secretary responsible for people forum held in Hong Sheng, from the province of 12 undertake national organization for standardization of enterprises and institutions unit attended the meeting to jointly explore the international standardization work of in-depth publicity and promotion work.
In September, representatives of the world's more than and 160 countries and a number of international organizations will gather in Beijing, to participate in the international organization for Standardization (ISO) thirty-ninth general assembly. The convening of the general assembly, will further promote the China standard "go out", improve our country enterprise institutional discourse right in international trade, to promote the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy. With the continuous improvement of China's textile industry equipment level and technical level, quality and grade of textile products have a substantial increase, China has become textiles and clothing in the world's largest producer and exporter, Cheng Hong group as a leader in the industry, over the years and actively participates in international standardization activities, committed to seize the initiative in the higher level, win the voice in international trade.
Currently, Sheng Hong Group in a number of international standards organizations serve as the core position, Sheng Hong international standards of printing and dyeing textile dyeing and dye test committee (ISO/TC38/SC1) secretary, by 2015, the Secretariat completed standard system review 56 times, revised and published the standard 7. Secretary General Zhao Xueqian said. "Since the 2010 international standard work of the Secretariat bear since, Cheng Hong initiative to raise the draft international standard, to participate in the formulation and development of international standards, not only to establish the leading position in the global textile industry, but also to achieve the Chinese enterprises to participate in international standardization work of a major breakthrough."
Shenghong shares also bear the international standards of man-made fibres ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6 Working Group on convener, responsible for the organization and management of work group in international standardization activities, in 2015, the leading company and issued by international standards the textile chemical fiber filament boiling water shrinkage rate test method ", become domestic chemical fiber industry is the first international standard. In addition, in promoting Shenghong, WG6 working group and two new project proposal has been officially approved, will further promote domestic chemical fiber and other related fields in the ISO standard formulation, amendments to the pace of work, improve Chinese enterprises the right to speak in the international trade.
GB appoint the national standard of technical review center director Chen Weiliang said, "Sheng Hong group to undertake the international organization for standardization work, can not only strengthen the enterprises to participate in international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the establishment and international development level adapts, which matched with the industrial development, and advanced technology standard convergence of the standard system, and improve the domestic technology level in this industry, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, chemical fiber in China to the world to contribute."
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