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Nanjing Customs Commissioner Xue Jinlou line to Shenghong research
In May 26th, Nanjing Customs Commissioner Xue Jinlou line with Party Secretary Liang Yibo and other leaders of the group to visit next. Group Chairman Miu Hangen enthusiastically received a line of Xue Jin Lou, and describes the situation of the enterprise.
At the forum, the Nanjing customs and the Customs for many years to give the group's care and support to express gratitude. He summed up the group's twenty-four years of development, introduced in the current grim external situation, the group in the printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, petrochemical and other sectors of the business situation. He said, do a good job in the Sunan textile industry at the same time, Sheng Hong Group in Lianyungang investment in the construction of the petrochemical sector, industry group the scientific layout and industrial chain extension, promote North South Industrial benign interaction, regional coordinated development. In the import and Export Group, 2015, Sheng Hong export to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy and other 35 countries and regions, export of chemical products total about 10 million tons, than last year growth of 17%, accounting for 8% of the national export of similar products.
Xue Jin floor, fully affirmed the success of Sheng Hong in recent years, the company based on the idea of industrial development, expressed appreciation. He said that the customs is an important institution of service enterprises in foreign trade development, in the economy under the new normal, the customs authorities will in line with the principle of support and services, further reform the management mechanism, providing better quality of service, and for the enterprises in the import and export trade to solve problems.
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