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Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhou Weiqiang research state
June 13th afternoon, deputy secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhou Weiqiang visit the country to look at the operation of enterprises. District Party committee secretary Yi Bo Liang, Mayor Guo Fang Shen, accompanied by research, Sheng Hong group vice chairman Tang Jinkui and other leaders enthusiasm received Zhou Weiqiang.
Research group first visited the country look at the production plant, the development status of the enterprise this year to do a thorough understanding. In the subsequent forum, Tang Jinkui introduced to, the company adhere to the innovation driven, intelligent shift as the motive force of the development, on the basis of the continuous expansion of the scale of production capacity, continue to aim at the commanding heights of chemical fibber industry, leading the industry to the high added value, height not transformation rate, build the leader in the field of domestic chemical fiber industry difference.
In a comprehensive understanding of the country at the development of hi tech and Hong Hong international project, Zhou Weiqiang hoped that enterprises can continue to firm differentiation strategy, to promote innovation and transformation, to intelligent seeking to upgrade, enhance creativity and competitiveness of enterprise, take the road of sustainable development. At the same time, he said, the government will further improve the service, actively coordinate and help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development, continue to support enterprises in the development of Suzhou, for enterprise development to create a better environment.
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