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Suzhou leader Zhou Guangzhi a line to the country to look at the research
16 afternoon, Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, Suzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the city discipline inspection commission Zhou Guangzhi, Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection Li Bin et line came to the country at the hi tech research and military Tech Assistant General Manager Zhang Jianguo, accompanied by research.
Zhou Guangzhi and his party visited the country look at the planning exhibition hall, in-depth production workshop scene, the implementation of product differentiation strategy for the implementation of product differentiation, the full implementation of the intelligent production plant, said a high degree of recognition. From time to time to inquire about the export situation of enterprises, product use and other issues. Encourage enterprises to adhere to independent innovation, started Sheng Hong brand, and constantly improve product technology content, expand the international market share. Hope to be able to walk in the forefront of the supply side of the reform, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, becoming a benchmark for enterprises in Suzhou, leading the development of the industry.

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