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Sheng Hong, "several finalists billion club" three years rose 18 ranking
Recently, economic and Information Technology Commission of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Statistics announced the 2015 the province's revenue ultra billion yuan industrial enterprises list, Shenghong group once again a finalist in the list, ranked sixth, three years up 18 order of precedence.
Facing the 2015 the intricacies of the macroeconomic environment, the sustainable development of Jiangsu Province, above scale industrial enterprises, to ensure that the province's economic stable operation and sustainable growth, and is playing a more and more obvious role in supporting. During this period, Sheng Hong Group contrarian, constantly optimize the industrial structure, improve the quality of enterprise development, do a good job on the basis of the transformation and upgrading of Textile Industrial Park in the south of Jiangsu, to ensure the rapid development of petrochemical industry park in Lianyungang, achieve North South industrial interaction. In the nearly three years of the province's ultra billion enterprise rankings, Sheng Hong group by the 24th 2012, to this year's 6th place, in a short span of three years rose 18 ranking, has made remarkable achievements. Faced with the depth adjustment of the global industrial structure, the group will continue to focus on the supply side of the supply side of structural reform, the establishment of a new competitive advantage through innovation driven to enhance the sustainable growth of power.

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