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Shenghong shine 2014 annual "light of textile"
The innovation of science and technology power, printing and dyeing industrywas awarded the prize for chemical fiber


Recently, China Textile Industry Federation announced won the "list of textilelight" 2014 technology of the year award project, Shenghong group chemical fiber, dyeing and printing industry usher in a double harvest, new polyesterpolymerization and series Shenghong Group Holdings Limited, Jiangsu Zhonglu technology development Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology three together to complete the "composite functional fiber keytechnology" project in the first prize, borne by Shenghong Group Co. Ltd. "Gaomi chemical fiber fabric cold pad batching pretreatment key technology andindustrialization" project was awarded the two prize.
With the rapid development of science and technology and social progress, the textile fiber of high sensibility, comfort, security has become the focus ofdevelopment in twenty-first Century of the fiber material, people on the requirements of increasingly high dependency of fabric. Therefore, developed countries, such as Italy America invested large amounts of funds and manpowerdevelopment of safety comfort to meet the functional textile materials, and introduced some safe and comfortable fabric standard. New polyesterpolymerization and a series of Shenghong group assumed the "composite functional fiber preparation key technology" project to composite functionalsynthetic fiber first varieties -- polyester fiber as the breakthrough, realizes automatic synthesis of functional polyester fiber as raw material to prepare thesafety, comfort, multifunctional fiber fabric and garment, forming independentintellectual property rights, has great application prospects. The project built thefirst production line of 250000 tons / year of melt direct spinning of full dull polyester fiber, an international initiative; completed and put into production in China's first with independent intellectual property rights of 30000 tons / year PTT polymerization device, to break the foreign monopoly of PTT polymerizationtechnology, to fill the domestic blank of the technology; built 20000 tons / year ofthermal wet comfort of the synthesis of polyester and fiber melt direct spinningproduction line, 20000 tons / year of elastic comfort series polyester fiber production line. Wet comfort, protection and elastic polyester fiber productsproject has developed three series of nearly a hundred kinds of specifications ofheat, since the project achievements transformation since put into production, the company high comfort series of polyester fiber production and market share in the domestic first, products exported to the United States, Japan and otherregions, by domestic and foreign customers praise. Achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, to lead the demonstration role for polyester fiber in China of functional development and industrial transformation and upgrade.
The project formed with independent intellectual property rights, authorized the United States Patent 1, China 10 invention patents, utility model patent in China4, a total of 32 articles published research on people, led the drafting andparticipate in the development of national textile industry standard 4, enterprisestandards 6.
In addition, borne by Shenghong Group Co. Ltd. "Gaomi chemical fiber fabriccold pad batching pretreatment key technology and industrialization" project was awarded the two prize. Project technology can effectively reduce the steam andwater, electricity, chemicals and other resources consumption, reduce CODemissions, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and high densitypolyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics pretreatment process, reduce the pollution of the environment.
It is understood that the "China textile light" Federation of science and technology award, was set up by the state approved the national awards, mainly forpromoting scientific and technological progress award in the textile industry,improve the industry's overall technological level, innovation ability and competition ability has made outstanding contributions to the unit or individual.The science and technology project review after a group of initial evaluation,review committee review, the reply, secret ballot and many other links, isrecommended 135 projects, among them, the first prize 15 items, two prize 47 items, three prize 73 items. Sheng Hongguang with new polyester polymerizationand series composite functional fiber preparation project, the key technology of Gaomi chemical fiber fabric cold pad batching pretreatment key technology andindustrialization projects two projects, has won two awards, became the focus of a major concern in the textile industry.
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