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Keeping up with the pace of industrial 4 release of private economy new vitality
Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Shi Taifeng in the hope Gaoke investigation

 "The textile industry to combine industry characteristic to industrial transformation and upgrading of the 4 directions." In December 3rd, emphasizing the vice secretary of provincial Party committee, Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Shi Taifeng in the country's Gaoke research, "a substantial increase inmanufacturing intelligent level, the realization of collaborative innovation of the whole industry chain, is a new task, new challenges to the private enterprisesunder the current economic situation". District leaders Liang Yibo, Shen Guofang,accompanied by Miu Hangen, chairman of the company leaders Zhang Yexing,Gu Donghua and other research.

In the chairman Miu Hangen accompanied and introduction, stone Taifeng adetailed view of the three companies spinning and false twist two production workshop. Shenghong shares country at GAOKE since 2012 to achieve the scale of production, through the intelligent transformation of traditional industries, thespinning technology uses ring blowing the world's most advanced production technology, winding allocation of all the imported automatic doffing device;projects supporting devices and bombs, according to the company's development requirements, the supplier of special offer, make the equipment to have the ingota high-speed, high quality, energy saving, etc., and through research and innovation, on-line quality control of lifting speed, increase production efficiencyper unit time. Through the construction of the intelligent management of thepolyester filament production line, in the hope of GAOKE in the foundation to improve the fiber quality, implementation of filament automatic doffing, intelligentcake transportation, piling, packaging and management, improvement of production efficiency of 30%, in 2013 the company has undertaken two ofMinistry of industry and information fusion project, become industrialized,intelligent and the information fusion model enterprise.

Stone Taifeng stressed that industry of 4 will drive the global scope upgrading path of research on manufacturing industry, the textile industry is an important component of China's manufacturing industry, research and development of intelligent equipment, the realization of the construction of intelligent manufacturing, factory automation, intelligent, through the production process ofcontinuous and intelligent, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve labor productivity and saving energy and reducing consumption level hasbecome the consensus of the development of textile industry enterprises in the next step. Sheng Hong as the industry pacesetter enterprise, take the initiative to adapt to the development of the new normal, to innovation as the driving force,promoting development through reform, rely on new equipment and technologyinnovation to achieve the transformation and development of their own, improve the overall quality of the development of private enterprises, has obtained thegood benefit. He encouraged the company develop team continue to adhere tothe core technology research and development and the international standard,constantly with new technology achievements do strong textile industry, enhance the right to speak in the market competition.

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