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Shenghong group thirteenth firefighters Games was held successfully
With the knowledge and power building fire safety line
"Ready, start!" "Sheng Hong technology of gas......" "Quick, quick, four branch of victory!"...... The morning of November 9th, along with sound of cheering andshouting, Shenghong group thirteenth Fire Games in the country at the Gaokepier Plaza opened the curtain.
This group of Fire Games after careful pre preparatory group, was successfully held in the plate under the collaboration, from the registration phase begangathering many employees enthusiasm and expectation, the game eventuallyattracted the plate a total of 30 delegations, more than 300 employees toparticipate. Wujiang District Public Security political office fire brigade deputy director Zheng Xiaohui, deputy director of Wujiang District, Wujiang DistrictBureau of work safety Shen Jianhua, deputy brigade feldspar small Lei, Pingwang Town Committee Secretary Shi Weilin and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and gave the site guide. Group CEO Assistant Gu Donghua peace at the town of politics and Law Committee Secretary Shi Weilin speech, a speech at the opening ceremony respectively, they stressed the importance of fire safety isthe practice of "scientific development", the implementation of "safe production"requirements of the specific action, hope that the majority of employees in their daily work and life, always pay attention to fire safety, bud, and on the fire fightinggames as an opportunity to consciously in fire safety activities to.
The fire fighting games is still the continuation of previous years tradition, through the fire knowledge contests and games, "the combination of brain" and "manual" to the fire safety into every corner of the factory. In November 5th organizedknowledge contest, the plate of each team to show his rich knowledge of fire, byexciting the obligatory, rob to answer, the risk problem of such links, and ultimately by the Shenghong thermoelectric team won the champion of the competition of knowledge.
In November 9th the national fire day, the team gathered in the country at Gaokedock square waiting for the start of the current fire fighting games. Games topractice as the starting point, set the 4*50 meter relay fire extinguishers, 50 meters weight water run, two disc hose connection, fire services fire helmetwearing and emergency rescue of the five events, the game is not only for theathletes physical strength and equipment using proficiency test, more test the players between teamwork and with the tacit understanding degree. In the course of the game, each team will fully display its teams, played a positive energy to strive, employees actively cooperate in the emergency rescue project, employeesfall get up fight scene shocking and inspiring. In the last 3 hours of the game, the players abide by the rules of the game, obey the referee, in order to complete the game content, both inside and outside the field applause continued, more fanscheer court battle, the atmosphere tense and hot.
After a fierce competition, Sheng Hong technology 2 teams with obvious scoreadvantage from the 30 teams stand out, access to the Fire Games Group first prize, Sheng Hong technology 3 teams and Shenghong thermoelectric won theteam prize two or three, besides, the sports teams and individuals for good strength is also given the establishment of the game award, individual award, the Spirit Award, outstanding organization award to encourage and recognize employees etc.. At this point, the Fire Games in a harmonious atmosphere to pull up the curtain.
This year is the group held in thirteenth fire fighting games, as an importantannual event fire month, Fire Games provide a good opportunity and platform to show themselves as employees learn the knowledge of fire and fire skills. Fire fighting games, pay attention to the popularization of the pertinence and effectiveness of the fire propaganda, will raise awareness of fire safety, fire prevention and control ability of employees increased as the breakthrough point,to every corner of the real fire safety knowledge to each plant, to maximize thefire protection publicity coverage and employee education rate. Manufacturing industry as the leading enterprises, we must always bear in mind the "prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai", togetherwith the knowledge and power of each employee will be the line of fire safety of building solid and strong.
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