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Shenghong group was awarded the third "national textile industry management innovation achievement award"
Innovation leap management to create the vitality of enterprises mechanism

Recently, by the Chinese Textile Enterprise Management Association of the third"national textile industry management innovation achievement award" expert finalconference held in beijing. Among them, 6 enterprises including Shenghong Group Co., Ltd, was awarded the "third annual national textile industrymanagement innovation achievement award".

It is understood that the "national textile industry management innovationachievement award" by the end of 2013 to the first half of the organization to carry out, examination results based on expert group, the award by secret ballotwere selected out of the 11 short listed enterprises. As one of the finalists of the enterprise, Cheng Hong was in mid July this year, received a group of expertsfrom all schools as well as the textile industry media consisting of the review, the expert review team through to visit the site of production, to listen to a report on the outcome of innovation management etc., and corporate communicationdiscusses the innovation of management mode of enterprises, and puts forward some positive suggestions for the company innovation and development.

Management is the eternal theme of the enterprise, is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Innovation is the motive force of modern enterprise progress, is to enhance the core competition ability, get great leap forward development, realize the decisive factor of sustainable growth. The selected "national textile industry management innovation achievement award", is not only to the company many years of painstaking exploration of innovative ideas, and strive to achieve leapfrog management fully affirmed the work, also is to the company in the leading enterprises in the process of deepening the reform,showing remarkable innovation strength and capability approval. As a traditionalindustry, printing and dyeing enterprise management innovation is the inevitablechoice of the development in the fierce competition in the market. Shenghong group in the management of innovation process, continue to advocate the spirit of innovation, stimulate innovation consciousness, guide the direction of innovation, encourage innovation behavior, and enhance innovation capability. In recent years, the company has successively through the transformation and upgrading, the promotion of cleaner production project, create a recycling economy and promote the construction of ecological civilization propaganda way,not only to achieve the enterprise toward a higher, faster, stronger leapfrogmanagement development, create the vitality of enterprise mechanism for a long time, but also to achieve a traditional industry innovation to enhance value-added. Economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit and make a significant contribution. In the promotion of cleaner production process, the company through combining point, by a pilot plant is extended to multi factory, full attention to new materials, new technology, new processes and new equipmentfor enterprises to bring the "innovative" service function. By printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and the depth of the leading domestic companyindependent design and construction of recycling project, for greatly reducing pressure on the environment, improve the printing and dyeing industry water utilization rate and to improve the regional environment provides effective governance measures; the establishment of energy-saving emission reduction technology advanced modern intelligent printing and dyeing production R & D base, plant construction according to the standard mode of advanced workshopand construction the developed countries in the world of independent designrequirements, and reach the world standard level, the company actively introduce advanced equipment, eliminate backward production capacity, and the formation of energy-saving emission reduction leading group and the establishment ofsaving energy and reducing consumption of independent innovation office, to build energy-saving emission reduction technology professional team. The company with the "integration of the two" project, "printing and dyeing processingintelligent management system" double forward, to realize the informationization of management reform and innovation; in addition, the company based on the full attention of independent intellectual property rights, and actively develop newtechnology of green printing and dyeing. The Shenghong digital machine printedproducts of world advanced printing technology with traditional printingcombination to the market, put forward the realistic meaning to the traditionalprinting field challenge.

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