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2014 Chinese top 500 private enterprises announced Shenghong ranks the 39
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In August 18th, 2014 China private enterprise 500 conference held in Beijing, the authority released 2014 China private enterprises 500 strong list. After the 2013topped the list 57, Cheng Hong group, with 51300000000 yuan ofrevenue ranks the 39, compared with last year rose 18 places.
As the backbone of the entity economy enterprise strong, in the past year, Cheng Hong group fully cope with the economic environment, the continued high added value product research and development, technology innovation investment,"information industry" two depth of integration, industry upstream extension line,strengthen the product structure, management structure, technology structure,the adjustment of industrial structure, make pull differentiated market demand,improve energy saving, environmental protection, low consumption of greenbrand influence, promote complete layout textile upstream petrochemical industry, can not only enhance the competitive advantage of industrial plate,breaking the weak industry environment, and effectively safeguard the better the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the stability.
The Sheng Hong again selected Chinese private enterprise 500 strong list, is not only a kind of honor, is the responsibility and mission. As a benchmark for private enterprises, development center Sheng Hong not only to innovation driven, but also to the global vision. In the pursuit of bigger and stronger targets at the same time, pay attention to quality and efficiency, technology innovation, management,business model, make full use of market resources, open up the internationaldevelopment path, to participate in the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road has good exemplary role, assume social responsibility actively, strive to be respectable business.
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