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Province classics is believed appoint director Xu Yiping to Sheng Hong Group Research

In July 18th, the province classics is believed appoint director Xu Yiping a line accompanied by Vice Mayor Xu Meijian down to Sheng Hong group investigation, district leaders Liang Yibo, Shen Guofangand the group vice chairman Tang Jinkui accompanied investigation.
In Sheng Hong technology spinning two, Xu Yiping detailed understanding of this year group and the development of the industry characteristics. In the workshop, Tang Jinkui said, with the hopeGaoke two different functional fiber project gradually put into production, at present, the company with an annual output of 1650000 tons of differential functional polyester filament totalproduction capacity in the global industry leading position, in the process of development, the provincial Commission by letter to give long-term care and support, to guide the company to upgradetransition zone development road, toward higher industry goal.
Listen to the enterprise in detail about production and operation,project promotion and other aspects of the report, said Xu Yiping,Sheng Hong as the industry leader, always pay attention to research and development, management, innovation, to transformation and upgrading of efficiency, the practice is worth affirmation. Later, Sheng Hong will continue to play the role of industry pacesetter, active use ofhigh technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries,continuously bigger and stronger, doing excellent in upgrading andadjustment.
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