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The group was awarded the "Jiangsu Province five one labor certificate of merit"
On July 2nd, vice chairman of Suzhou City Federation of trade unions, Zhu Zhengrong came to the company, on behalf of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, awarded the "Jiangsu Province five one labor certificate of merit" medal to group. Wujiang district trade unions chairman Yan Pinhua, group president of the union Gao Sujian attended the awarding ceremony.
The first Zhu Zhengrong to the group won the "Jiangsu Province five one labor certificate of merit" Congratulations, he thinks, significant group trade in two-way service corporate and employee performance, and actively create a good atmosphere for employees and enterprises closely, the harmonious development of the confining; and give full play to the trade union organization group trade advantage, carry out all forms of job training, workers in technical innovation, rationalization proposals and occupation skills contest and other activities, and continuously improve the quality of workers skills, encourage the employees to build up establishment.
As an important platform for service enterprise and staff needs, in recent years, the group of trade unions closely around the development of service enterprises, service employees to carry out a series of work, one station workers Service Center to create a harmonious and convenient living environment and for enterprise employees, a variety of extra-curricular activities, enrich the enterprise staff's daily life. The trade union in the continuous improvement of service function is also active in between employees and enterprises play the role of bridge and link, make a continuous attempts and efforts for employees and enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
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