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The development of the private economy province in recognition of the general assembly group won the double honor


In June 3rd, the private economic development of Jiangsu province in recognition of the General Assembly held in Nanjing, meeting on 100 outstanding private enterprises and 30 outstanding private entrepreneurs recognition. Sheng HongGroup Holdings Limited list list of outstanding private enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen was awarded the title of outstanding private entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province, become Wujiang only was awarded the Jiangsu Province outstanding private entrepreneurs.

General Assembly eighteen, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen general secretary and Xi Jinping series of important speech of the party, to encourage private enterprises to the transformation ofdevelopment as the guidance, to deepen the reform as a driving force, speed up the transformation of traditional thinking, arouse the vitality of private economyand creativity, and strive to create a new situation in the development of private economy in Jiangsu.

As a banner of private textile enterprises, Cheng Hong Group Holdings Limited toinnovation as the soul, firmly seize the commanding heights of technology. In 2013, the group achieved operating income reached 51300000000 yuan,petrochemical, textile, subsidiary of energy, real estate and hotel five big industryhas made great development. Chemical fiber industry the three major production bases of sustainable development, deepen the management, strong brand with high quality to lead the market, product differentiation rate of the country's leading. The same year, Cheng Hong Group in China enterprise 500 strong list282nd, Chinese private enterprise 500 strong fifty-seventh, was awarded the "Chinese industry awards in recognition of awards". Its chemical fiber industry actively uphold " innovative fiber technology " philosophy, has formedan annual output of 1650000 tons of polyester differential fiber production,polyester filament differentiation rate of more than 85%. Low elastic polyester(DTY) and superfine fiber products industry ranked first in domestic, the company has advanced production technology and technology, unique technological innovation capability, with independent intellectual property rights, the application of information technology, the core technology to reach the domestic advancedlevel, the leading position of the industry. Cheng Hong dyeing to break the traditional printing mode of operation, import ERP system management mode,take the lead in the implementation of "intelligent management system" printing and dyeing processing in the workshop, consolidated in the printing and dyeingindustry dominant position, and take the lead in the implementation of water reuse projects in the industry, reuse rate of 50%, by the dyeing and printing industry association of China named the country the first &quot demonstration enterprise transformation and upgrading; ", eight consecutive years in thenational top ten.

In recognition of the general assembly, Jiangsu provincial Party committee secretary Luo Zhijun pointed out, to conform to the new situation, the newchanges and new requirements, further promote the private economy is accelerated by the industrial chain in the low-end to high-end rise, change from extensive growth to intensive development, from investment driven to innovation driven transformation, promoted by the traditional management to modernmanagement, move by the localization management the internationalization ofJiangsu private economy operation, improve the overall quality and the comprehensive competitiveness. Sheng Hong not only in the innovation drive development, Li Yong forefront, and strive to Sheng Hong innovation brand forhigh-end well-known brand influence, but also through continuous innovation toseize the development opportunities, strengthen their core competitiveness.

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