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The research group of the office of the State Council to Sheng Hong research
In May 21st, a researcher from Counsellors' office of the State Council, the National Association of industry and Commerce vice president Bao Yujun a line consisting of Counsellors' office of the State Council research group, to Sheng Hong group to carry out special investigations, the field to understand the situation of economic development of private enterprises, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen accompanied investigation.
Research group and his entourage visited Sheng Hong technology false twist two and Shenghong testing center, in the subsequent meeting of the forum, Miao Hangen to survey group group detailed report the enterprise operation. At present, the main business of the group of textile printing and dyeing sector development in good condition, based on the annual processing capacity of the first in the world, and actively take the development path of ecological civilization construction investment, water reuse and other green measures, for the sustainable development of printing and dyeing industry to find a reasonable path. Group of chemical fiber industry in memory fiber, total extinction, cationic differential field respectively occupy the commanding height of the market, the group of chemical fiber differentiation rate reached 85%, different functional polyester filament production capacity is in the leading position in the global industry. On this basis, the Group actively extend the industrial chain, investment and construction in Lianyungang Petrochemical Industrial Park, the production of high-end petrochemical enterprises will be better to avoid the risk of raw materials, achieved sales revenues of spanning development.
Bao Yujun Sheng Hong Group has achieved in its field of fully affirmed the achievements, and pay more attention to enterprise facing the tax, finance, employment situation. Both sides had in-depth exchanges, to discuss the deep-seated reasons exist in the current environment of textile industry in detail, and said it would actively recommended, to provide a more relaxed environment for private economic development in the textile.

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