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Shenghong group in Wujiang District 2014 spring charity benefit performance
Pass Love Charity first stick relay spring
In January 26th, permeated with a festive holiday atmosphere, Wujiang District 2013 spring charity benefit performance at the people's theater curtain. In the theatre, shares love warm legend, Cheng Hong group and each big enterprise, social love people gathered, relay spring charity first bar.
In the charity, district leaders Liang Yibo, Shen Guofang, Fan Jiankun, Qian to Sheng Hong Group awarded the 2014 vice president of the Wujiang area charitable institutions, and issued letters of appointment. Group vice chairman Tang Jinkui representative Shenghong group Wujiang again to charity to donate 5000000 yuan, to support the Wujiang charity work better and faster development. Together with all of the love, the evening culminated in a round of donations, sounded a positive love, common to do charity.
Adult good, its function more times; moving the endless good wishes. Development Shenghong group has for many years by a "civil society" image participating in charity. In the creation of corporate wealth value at the same time, don't forget to repay society, practice the enterprise economic responsibility, legal responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility. The Group actively participate in donation, donate, poverty alleviation, blood donation, love lonely disabled, ecological environment protection and other public welfare undertakings, Thanksgiving dedication into the enterprise culture construction. In recent years, Cheng Hong group to participate in the local development of charity, and the establishment of Shenghong love foundation, for charitable contributions have been highly affirmed the outside world. The group has won the Wujiang area "the compassion enterprise" title, and was awarded the "Suzhou charity model unit" honorary title; in 2013 won the Jiangsu Charity Award "the most love charity donation units".
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