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Liangyi Bo Shing Hong Group visited the New Year
 February 7 am , Wujiang, Suzhou Party Secretary Liang Yibo line condolence visit to Shing Hong Group , understand the business production and development of ideas , encourage enterprises to continue to highlight the transformation and upgrading , highlighting innovation to lead , encourage enterprises to better and faster development .
Visit, Liang Yibo first brought the New Year congratulations to all the staff Shing Hong Group , and praised the company in the past year , breaking the adverse external economic environment, led the way, set an example of the steady development of private enterprises in Wujiang . Subsequently , Miao Hangen introduction and development of the company's development plan, in 2013 , served in the printing industry in the Rainbow Group continues to occupy the commanding heights of productivity and technology and industry for eight consecutive years was named the top ten ; in the chemical industry, the company continues to strengthen take the " differentiated functional fiber " road , in a country of hope Tech production basis, will continue to do to advance the work of the second phase of the project ; petrochemical industry , the company will usher in the first project of PTA production in 2014 , will bring a substantial increase sales revenue on the Group.
In conversation, Sheng Hong Liang Yibo hope to the healthy development of the Group's main businesses achieve steady progress on new projects requiring companies to highlight the transformation , highlighting innovation , enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises at the same time , promote sound and rapid development of textile industry in Wujiang , to achieve new breakthroughs in the new year , the district will work closely with the government and departments Sheng Hong, Hong Sheng create a good environment for development.
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