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Group to develop re- affirmed the government to embrace a number of honors in recognition
February 8 pm , Wujiang District, the district government held in the People's Theatre accelerate implementation of the " four hundred fifty-six " strategic mobilization meeting in recognition of the 2013 annual economic work in Wujiang District, outstanding performance businesses and individuals who have advanced , and issued a new mobilization of the work year . Sheng Hong Industry Group no longer be district government certainly , in recognition of mobilization meeting harvest honors .
In the past year, the Group achieved revenues of 51.3 billion yuan , a subsidiary of petrochemical, textile , energy, real estate and hotel industries have achieved great development five . Group three major production bases of chemical fiber industry, sustainable development , deepen management, with high quality and strong brand to lead the market , product differentiation rate in the country. Hope Tech country to achieve full production on the basis of the first phase , the second phase of construction investment 9,000,000,000 yuan 1.25 million tons differential fiber project was orderly . Sheng Hong, printing and dyeing break the traditional mode of operation ERP system management mode, the first implementation of the workshop " dyeing process intelligent management system " to achieve the traditional printing industry technology and management level overall. In 2013 , 500 Chinese enterprises in Hong Sheng Group again contrarian, climbed 62 ranking, ranked No. 282 , is the fifth consecutive year finalist list ; China 's top 500 private enterprises ranked 57 ; Group's textile industry printing and dyeing , chemical fiber two plates again selected industries for several years in both the top ten .
 Sheng Hong Group, with highlights in the past year to upgrade and highlight the innovation lead , seize opportunities , and won the District Government commended, was awarded the " hundred enterprises in Wujiang District ," " Top Ten corporate tax Wujiang District ," " import and export of top ten enterprises in Wujiang District , "" Wujiang District Technology innovation advanced Enterprise "," advanced enterprises in Wujiang District, energy saving , " Group Chairman Miao Hangen was awarded the" outstanding Entrepreneur Wujiang District, "the title . In addition, certain subsidiaries of the Group's subsidiaries are subject to the awards ceremony .
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