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District four sets of team leadership to the company to research the construction of ecological civilization
In April 16th, district Party committee secretary Liang Yibo and district four sets of team leadership group visits to research, focuses on the company in the construction of ecological civilization highlights, and visited a new fabric shop, Sheng Hong thermoelectric two production site. Accompanying the group dyeing deputy general Tang, general manager Hu 俊松 thermoelectric plate full medium company leadership research.
As the two demonstration of energy-saving emission reduction and clean production, in the development stage recently, new fiber fabric workshop and Shenghong thermoelectric respectively to achieve the "two" field (information and Automation) and the successful application of sludge incineration field, to further enhance the company's competitiveness and influence of emission reduction, clean energy production in the festival. During a visit to the new fabric shop in the process, Liang Yibo listened to the introduction, while certainly planning and high standard factory and fine management. Orderly arrangement of equipment, clean and spacious workshop environment, let the delegation impressed. At the same time, as the matching production use "two" system for NC, with convenient, specification, refinement and the effective management of resources and other characteristics, attracting delegation eyes, automatic feeding device in the dye front, the delegation to view, witnessed the whole process of dyeing material conveying.
Subsequently, Liang Yibo a line came to Sheng Hong thermoelectric sludge incineration project site, the understanding of the project investment of production. The project uses the fluidized bed boiler combustion process, the steam generation technology, frequency conversion technology, green lighting, waste heat recycling, desalted water heating device and so on, desulfurization, denitrification, the dust in one step, and can realize the processing capacity of 300 tons of raw sludge, incineration of sludge treatment, in the way of bid farewell to the original pattern, improve the comprehensive utilization of energy, the treatment and reuse of printing and dyeing sludge reduction, stabilization, harmless, resource utilization. Liang Yibo praised the enterprise to improve the regional environmental quality efforts, he affirmed the company on the positive significance of the construction of ecological civilization in the process of local, not only provides a good benchmark model for the industry, but also provide important support for the realization of economic social and ecological benefit maximization.
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