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United Front Work Department, Suzhou Jin Jianli and his entourage to the national working group research
March 20 , Deputy Minister of Municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department of Suzhou , Suzhou Municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau金建立rate area , the town of the relevant national authorities to carry out the work of the research group . Su Jian , deputy secretary of the Party Group on High Personnel minorities within the company , business development as well as the work carried out at the national report .
According to reports , with the development of the company and the number of employees increased, the company absorbed regional talent gradually showing a wide variety of ethnic types , etc. , for enterprise development and corporate culture adds diversity. Gao Su Jian , said the company for each minority employees have taken discriminatory attitude of equality and harmonious coexistence in the process of efforts to create a united, working and living environment for common development .
jianli jin Working Group to carry out the nation were sure, he said , businesses, social progress and development is inseparable from the various ethnic groups in the contribution and support in the development of Hong Sheng forget the benefits of development to employees , based on mutual respect , care concepts into each other employee groups , played a good role model in the national work underway.
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