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Group Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise Institute accepted the interim inspection
April 2 , the Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Liu Xin line of Productivity Promotion Center of Jiangsu Province ( Shing Hong ) Textile Research Institute to conduct an interim evaluation of new materials , to hear reports and Academy building and textile testing center for a field trip .
The inspection team first heard Vice President Feng Shuqin Institute report on the overall construction , the current Institute of Chemical Biology Institute , Institute of differential fiber , dyeing Institute environmental research platforms and staffed largely in place , and conduct various fruitful research . Among them, differential fiber technology projects undertaken by the Institute , including functional differential fiber manufacturing intelligence, information fusion of the project, 200,000 tons of cationic fiber transformation projects ; Institute for Water Reuse green printing with three construction , " textile digital printing machines and industrial printing technology" and other projects ; standardization completed international standards " chemical fiber filament boiling water shrinkage test methods" draft stage Committee , chaired and participated in a number of industry standards. Next, the Institute will further improve team building , strengthening the relevant talent introduction .
Liu Xin and his party expressed satisfaction with the overall operation of the Enterprise Institute , the Institute of Construction and require further work to do , a good research project is completed on schedule and quality of work , and constantly promote enterprise technological progress and economic development .
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