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Group 2013 year-end summary of the general assembly and the Chinese New Year party held

Create annual success like we celebrate the New Year orientation

       Veuve Clicquot bid farewell to the old year, horse spring. New hope, new dream, a kind of have entered the 2014 Shenghong group in a dance jubilant sound of the new year.  
        On twelve evening, Sheng Zexin in the hotel with friends singing, lively and extraordinary. All the company senior management personnel, advanced individual, advanced team gathered, spend 2013 year-end summary of the general assembly and the Chinese New Year party.     
        Summary of the general assembly a comprehensive review of the company in 2013 the work highlights and achievements, put forward higher requirements for the next step of work. Meetings shall be presided over by the director of finance, group vice president Meng Fenghua. Group Chairman Miu Hangen, group vice chairman, general manager and Tang Jinkui, vice president, general manager of the group of Pengxiang property Zhou Lei, Sheng Hong Company deputy general manager Zhang Yexing, general manager of Hu Quanzhong power plate, printing and dyeing deputy general don Jun Song, assistant to President, general manager of the group of operation management, Gu Donghua and other leaders attended the meeting.    
        In the conference agenda, Sheng Hong company executive vice president Zhang 叶兴 with hair year-end summary table. Throughout 2013, Sheng Hong shares to strengthen production safety work in 2012 on the full integration of resources, to innovation as the driving force, the courage to meet the challenges and opportunities, complete extinction expanding production, cationic bright technical reserves, energy-saving technological transformation of key projects. He said, in the grim situation in 2013, the company still achieve full year one hundred percent sales rate, foreign trade, sales price growth; for the next annual work plan, the company will further implement the security system construction, to improve the quality management system, improve management efficiency as the focus of the deployment, to regulate the management of the company. Then, real estate, thermoelectric, printing and dyeing and other plate leading up to the 2013 work report summarizes respectively.   
        In 2013, the plate development effectiveness results again and again. Significant achievements cannot do without the post department staff to work hard. For those that have made outstanding contributions to the company's advanced individual, advanced team, commend congress. Sheng Hong technology advanced individual He Hongwu to break the normal procedure of thinking bold mining technology innovation, not only in the implementation of POY transmission line fault reconstruction, bearing seat POY transmission line large pitch chain support scheme, and become the 2013 annual twist two is proposed to improve the staff proposal quality and quantity of the highest, and successfully applied for the national patent of gear puller advanced printing and dyeing factory team; five through the transformation of innovation, and constantly promote the upgrading of technology and products, the development of nylon elastic series of new products, greatly enhance the added value of products; in addition, printing and dyeing five factory but also the successful implementation of the roll dye vat water-saving defining technical transformation engine cooling machine, a device, to provide a solid technical support to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The Congress scene a total of 15 advanced individuals, 19 advanced team accept group recognition.     
        At the end of the meeting, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen made concluding remarks. First of all, he must be in the last year, with the staff hard not only the successful completion of the objectives set at the beginning of the year, and achieved excellent results. Although in 2013 the economic situation of fog, chemical fiber, dyeing and printing, petrochemical, power, real estate, hotel development have been growing steadily. Sheng Hong technology have been successfully completed the transformation of polyester, spinning, the hope Gaoke two two units each of 250000 tons of differential fiber project has been put into construction. In May the same year, Suzhou Su Zhen biological independent production with an annual output of 50000 tons of biomass of differential fiber formal foundation project; printing and dyeing, new Dongyu dyeing factory, the printing and dyeing "factory" production pattern, October, organization / international standards shall be borne by the company of Textile Technical Committee / test dyeing textile and dye the sub committee (ISO/TC38/SC1) International Secretariat by the British to Sheng Hong start working, in addition "textile digital printing machine printing fabric" was included in the 2013 national key new product plan directory; petrochemical, 斯尔邦 alcohol based cogeneration project entered the construction phase, other supporting the thermoelectric, wharf, warehousing and other projects have been steadily propulsion.
        You reap what you sow, in the same time, Miu Hangen also further stressed that the focus of future development group. He said, for the company's future development, to "management" optimization, enhance the enterprise operation efficiency. Managers should clarify the management ideas, establish and improve rules and regulations, optimizing the organizational structure, the company's production and operation activities as soon as possible onto the model standardization, standard. Two to two "innovation" and constructing the technology frontier. The first fully encourage innovation and market positioning combination, around the building products, creating high value-added products, to create the market leading products, establish and improve the integration of production and marketing research of rapid response mechanism. Secondly, the promotion of innovation management model, by the fusion of automation, informatization, to replace the traditional management mode. Three to develop the industry "base", to do better the main plate. Printing and dyeing, chemical, petrochemical industrial base three around their own advantages, to "a factory one product", "the pattern of difference of functional fiber" strategy, a new petrochemical industry construction as the overall goal, do fine, do better, to seek greater development. Four to create four "brand", achieve excellence Shenghong target. Quick promotion culture brand, talent, brand, brand green public brand, in-depth humanities, the concept of environmental protection, the soft power to win the future.
        Summary after the meeting, the staff for the plate presented wonderful performances. Caused by international hotel dance "prosperous Spring Festival" lit have the Spring Festival festive, Pengxiang property elaborate sketch "guard day" humor, funny to the audience laugh; create new styles of dance adaptation "Hongyan" with the melodious melody and a degree of relaxation body performance attracted the audience's applause...... Every kind of performance, colorful with program has become a visual feast, comprehensive display of the Sheng 虹人 passion, youth with mental outlook. Among them, interspersed in between each program draw link is sent repeatedly surprised and cheered for the.

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